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The Do’s and Don’ts of renting

The Do’s and Don’ts of renting

You’ve made the decision to rent a property instead of buying and now it’s time to search the local property market. Finding your new home is a very exciting time but if you make one bad decision, things can get costly. We’ve put together a helpful list of the top do’s and don’ts when it comes to renting to help you have a stress and hassle-free experience.

Top Tip: Take your time and treat the process as if you were buying a home. Ideally, this is going to be home for a long time so make sure it’s as perfect as can be.

DO rent from an experienced and trustworthy letting agent. A lot of estate agency business is done on word of mouth so ask your friends and family for referrals and be sure to check local reviews.

DON’T rent out a property until you have seen a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate and EPC rating of E or above. These are now both legal requirements.

DO read the lease agreement before signing. Take your time and double check everything, making notes and writing down questions as you go. Once signed, it can be difficult to get any of the information in the contract changed. It is crucial that you understand and agree with everything in the agreement.

DON’T move into the property until you have a copy of the detailed inventory. We advise all of our tenants to check the inventory as you go around the property, writing down any notes and issues before sending this back to your agent. A detailed inventory will ensure that you are not charged for damage that was not caused by you.

DO report any issues with the property immediately. Call your landlord or letting agent and discuss any maintenance.

DON’T disturb your neighbours. Anti-social noise may even cause you to lose your rented home.

DO check the property with the detailed inventory on the day you leave and take pictures of how you’re leaving the property.

DON’T choose the first property that you find. Research the local area and once inside, have a thorough look around before making a final decision. We advise taking friends and family to assist with your choice.

DO discuss any pets or children that you may be bringing to the property. Your landlord may be willing to allow children or pets but lying about them could have your contract terminated.

DON’T guess how much it will cost. It’s crucial that you consider monthly rent payments, bills, insurance and any other potential costs.

DO check out the local amenities. Where is the closest supermarket, doctors, parking and nightlife scene? If you love outdoor space but the nearest green park is 4 miles away, you may want to reconsider.

DON’T disrespect your landlord. If the contract states you’re not allowed to have any parties or they have asked you not to decorate the walls, then don’t. Not only could you be asked to leave but you also risk not receiving a positive referral.

DO stay up to date with rental payments.

DON’T forget to update your address at your bank, workplace, doctors, and dentist. Why not set up a Royal Mail redirection for 3 months to ensure you receive all your letters?

DO take meter readings on the day you move in and get in touch with the utility provider. We also advise all tenants to search for the best deal – you could save hundreds of pounds a year by simply switching providers.

DON’T forget to take out contents insurance.

If you are looking to rent or let a property in and around Leeds, get in touch today and one of our property experts will be more than happy to help.

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